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Welcome to Imagine That Art Studio and Workshop

Your Art, Your Way

Making art can be a complex process, but it doesn't have to be, anyone can create beautiful art with help from our experienced instructors. Imagine That Art Studio and Workshop serves local arts and crafts lovers by providing them with the best tools for getting inspired and creating art. We provide classes and materials for people of all ages to come learn and create with out any experience necessary.

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Something for Everyone


Acrylic Pouring

Our acrylic pouring class is a fun and relaxing lesson on different techniques for pouring fluid paint to create beautiful abstract patterns on canvasses, tiles, or other surfaces. The excitement of this class is watching your work unfold as the layers and colors unwind, no two pieces will turn out the same.


Resin Casting

Learn to make pendants, charms, figures, coasters, or other decor with a self hardening fluid epoxy resin. While in the fluid state the resin can be colored and filled with charms, glitters, pigments and other embellishments to create unique accessories or sentimental keepsakes.


Metal Stamping

Make your own personalized metal accessories such as pendants, charms, tags, bracelets, and rings.  Design your piece by stamping words, textures, and symbols in to the surface and adding colored patinas or antiquing to give it a finished look. Add your charm to a necklace or key-chain or even learn to bend your own rings and bracelets.


Mosaic Making

Our selection of glass and ceramic tiles as well as cut and broken colored glass gives endless possibilities for creating unique mosaic displays on a variety of different surfaces. Learn to cut glass, adhere your tiles and grout them into place in a two part class.


Shibori Tie Dying

Create beautiful tie dyed fabrics by learning traditional methods of binding, tying, and dip dying them make intricate patterns. Unraveling your piece and revealing your design at the end of class is an exciting and rewarding experiance.


Glassware Painting

During this class you will paint custom designed glassware with a multi surface paint. You can view our gallery for ideas or come up with one of your own with help from instructors. Once painted your wine glasses, mugs, jars, ect. will be sent home with baking instructions once baked they will be usable and hand washable.

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